Half Day Tour

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PO1 – Golden Triangle (panoramic viewpoint)
– Don Xao Island (Laos)
– Chiang Saen
Guests will depart their hotel or local accommodations for the famous Golden Triangle area where the borders of Thailand, Burma and Laos intersect and visit the Opium House at the bend of the mighty Mekong River. Great photo opportunities will be available from Wat Pra That Pukhao. Guests will then take a speed boat cruise along the Mekong River up to the Laos-Burmese border and into Don Xao Island (Lao). Continue on to the old capital of Chiang Saen (back to AD1260) located on the steep banks of the Mekong River. Your half day tour will conclude by visiting some of the local ruins and temples. 1,600
PO2 – Boat ride
– Karen Long Neck Village
– Elephant Riding
– Buddha Images Cave
Guests will depart their hotel or local accommodations for a 1-hour long-tail boat trip along the Kok River to Baan Ruam Mitr village. Guests will begin a leisurely 30-minute elephant ride trough the jungle and countryside, followed by an opportunity to do some souvenir shopping from the local hill tribes. Guests will then continue by boat to visit the Chiang Rai meditation center and the Buddha Images Cave before returning to their hotel. ***Cost for Elephant Ride included. 1,800
PO3 – Mae Sai
– Bamboo Weaving
– Buddha Images Cave
– Monkey Cave
– Mae Sai
Guests will depart their hotel or local accommodations for Mae Sai on the Thai –Burmese trading border. Explore the local markets famous for products from southern China, Burma, and Laos. Visit a Jade cutting factory where guests can see and search for some of the best quality Burmese Jade. Then continue on to Wat Phra That Doi Wao (aka Scorpion Temple) for some panoramic views of the Thai / –Burmese border and the Indra Buddha image (made of bamboo) that is enshrined in the temple. Be prepared to interact with some monkeys followed by an opportunity to release fish into the river to earn merit with the spirits. The half day tour will conclude with a stop at the northern-most point of Thailand (Mae Sai). 1,800
PO4 – Winter flower gardens
– Hall of Inspiration
– Royal Villa
– Doi Tung Pagodas
Guests will depart their hotel or local accommodations on a drive to the highest mountain peak on the Thai-Burmese border, Doi Tung, (2,000 meters above sea level). Doi Tung was destroyed by shifting slash-and-burn cultivation, however in 1987 the Doi Tung development project was established according to the King’’s Mother. Guests will visit the Mae Fah Luang Gardens, Hall of Inspiration, and Royal Villa followed by a drive further up the mountain to Wat Pra That Doi Tung (considered the holiest sanctuary by residents of Chiang Rai, Lao, and Burma). Wat Pra That Doi Tung was built in A.D. 911 and it is believed that the left collarbone of Lord Buddha is enshrined in the twin pagodas. Guests will then be returned to their accommodations. 1,800
PO5 – Yao, Akha, Yunna Tribal Villages
– Tea Plantations
Guests will depart their hotel or local accommodations for Mae Chan and a drive up the hillside to visit the Yao and Akha tribal villages. The tour will continue with a drive up Doi Mae Salong to Santikhiri KMT Yunnan Chinese refugee settlement where guests will have the opportunity to shop for locally grown tea and coffee, in addition to a co-op store where home made wines, medical herbs and other locally grown products are sold. The local villagers are ethnic Chinese, descendants of the KMT Nationalist Chinese armed regiment that took refuge in Thailand nearly 50 years ago after communist forces won the civil war in mainland China. Doi Mae Salong enjoys a cool and refreshing climate all year round. In January, Thai cherry blossom (Sakura flowers) cover the hillsides. The half day tour will conclude with a visit to Akha and Pakha Villages before being returned to the city. 1,800
PO7 – Yao, Akha, Lahu, Karen Long Neck Tribal Villages Guests will depart their hotel or local accommodations for the Mae Chan district to visit the Yao hill tribe village at Baan Pa Kham. Guests will continue on to visit the Lahu at Baan Pang Sa hill tribe village to observe and take in the local lifestyle and culture. Then visit Akha and Long-Necked Karen hill tribe villages at Baan Ya Pa, a new settlement village migrated from Southern Burma almost ten years ago (due to ongoing political problems). Guests will then be return to their local accommodations. 1,850