Why volunteer when vacations are supposed to be for leisure? This article on USA Today, highlights some of the benefits of voluntourism (https://traveltips.usatoday.com/benefits-volunteering-abroad-13417.html).

LAHU HILL TRIBE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Voluntourism helps those in need

Take the time and make a difference. A working vacation is about being part of the solution.


“Japa Tour Voluntourism Adventure”, in conjunction with the Lahu Hill Tribe Development Organization, is traveling across invisible borders and cultures to assist the local hill-tribe people build roads, fix dams, sow or harvest rice. Volunteer your time, your knowledge, skills, and energy, to help make a difference in communities lost in time.

The Lahu originated from China and live in Yunnan, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, the US and Thailand. The name Lahu means ”tiger hunters” but they are now more sedentary and agricultural, farming rice, weaving fabric and doing fine embroidery. Most Lahu are Animists, Christian or Buddhist and they are the most gender-equitable society of all hill-tribes (females have same standing as males).


It’s by far the coolest way to spend a vacation, take a truly exceptional sabbatical or begin retirement in a rewarding way.

Your contribution will have a significant impact on the quality of life and even the survival of some communities as you help to:

  • Improve communications.
  • Slow the loss of cultural heritage by allowing them to continue tribal life in the mountains.
  • Give back the pride of being!

Voluntourism can also benefit you. It is the perfect vehicle to discover something about yourself as well as:

  • sustainable agricultureExplore new worlds, gain new experiences and personal insights.
  • Gain a stronger sense of community.
  • Meet like-minded people.
  • Feel a great sense of achievement.


– Volunteers are picked up at the Chiang Rai airport or bus terminal.
– Project briefings are done to prepare you before going to villages.
– Shopping as required.
– Transportation to the village and during outings.
– True tribal room and board is provided for every day of your stay.
– Prearranged days of rest include cultural visits, tourism, trekking and social activities.
– Return to Chiang Rai.

Planned return or personal trip itinerary

ITINERARY (1 to 2 week Volunteer Projects)

 Week 1 (5 days work, 2 days pleasure)

07:00  Wash up
08:00  Breakfast
09:00  Work briefing and planned work
12:00 LUNCHTIME and rest period
13:00 Planned work
– Mid-afternoon break
17:00 End of work day
19:00 Supper
Free time with locals

voluntourism isn't all work and no playDays of rest – Cultural visits, trekking and social activities

Week 2 (5 days work, 2 days pleasure)
Repeat of first week and or change of assignment.

**** Another stay duration & timetables can be arranged.


7,000   THB Per Person Per Week (Minimum 2 people)


– Passport and 2 photocopies of main page
– Personal spending money
– Personal toiletries, medication, insect repellent and sunblock
– Cap/ Hat – Raincoat, warm clothing for night time, depending on season
– Old clothes for construction, covered toe shoes (track shoes, Slippers)
– Sleeping bag/ liner/ old bedsheet & pillow cases
– Flashlights & additional batteries, drinking bottle (to refill water)

 For more information on our Voluntourism projects, please Contact Us.

Day1. Leave your hotel for the boat pier and take the long – tail boat along the Maekok River to the Karen village (60 – minute) then we walk around the village to see their lifestyle and ride the elephant cross the river to the second Karen village. Lunch is in the village. We proceed the trip by walking on the hill tribe’s way about 3 – 4 hours until Lahu village for staying over night. Your delicious dinner is cooked at Lahu kitchen.

Day2. We proceed our trekking by walking through the jungle for next Lahu village and lunch will be provided at the village or sometimes we have lunch during our trekking in the forest. Also, visit the beautiful waterfall of Chiang Rai for a bit of relaxation before heading to the Akha village for an overnight stay. On the way up, you can see the terrace tea plantation.

Day3. The multi day tour will conclude with a trip to the Pha Soet Hot Spa (Prasert) where you can relax in a natural hot spa before returning to Chiang Rai.

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